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Here are some tutorials and ideas to help you get started creating your own coloring and activity projects.

Example of a colored FotoMedley coloring sheet

How to Create A Custom Coloring Page From a Photograph

A quick how-to guide demonstrating how to use FotoMedley to quickly create personal custom coloring pages from your own photographs.

Example of a professionally printed FotoMedley coloring book

How to Create a Custom Coloring Book

Learn how to design and receive a professionally printed coloring book, made from your own photos.

Example of 2 colored FotoMedley coloring pages

How to Use FotoMedley's Image Processing Options

To get the most out of FotoMedley, explore some of the available image processing options to see what gives you the best results.

Example FotoMedley's coloring page generation compared to others

How FotoMedley's Coloring Page Generation Compares

See what characteristics sets a FotoMedley coloring page apart from the rest and make your own judgement on whether you agree that it is superior.

Example FotoMedley's watercolor painting

Creating a FotoMedley Watercolor Painting Gift

Learn how to use FotoMedley to create a hand-painted watercolor painting from a photo so that it can be given as a gift.

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