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Custom digital paintings!

Upload a photo and see it converted into a custom digital painting.

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Features and Customizations

Every digital painting is generated uniquely by simulating every individual brush stroke on the page, producing a unique and organic effect. Just upload and see the results!

FotoMedley color-by-number layout


Uses a rough background technique and extra detail on the people in the image.

FotoMedley color-by-number palette


Produces a style similar to classic natural and cozy landscape paintings.

FotoMedley color-by-number with text

Still Life

Suitable for still life, clip art, or any number of other images.

FotoMedley color-by-number labels


Realistic high resolution simulation of the individual brush strokes.

How does it work?

Our digital painting process uses artificial intelligence to analyze an image and determine a painting style to simulate a painting. The image is further analyzed to calculate the individual paint strokes and colors that will make up the image, and it is finally digitally "painted" with realistic simulated brush strokes to produce a complete digital painting. This process does not preserve tiny details, but rather attempts to capture the overall appearance of the original image.

You have the option to download your custom digital paintings home, share them online, or print them at home. Alternatively, take a look at our options for producing professionally printed activity books, in which you can include other types of pages — such as coloring, ink sketches, mazes, or dot-to-dot.

Here are some of our key features:

  • Adaptive detailing based on foreground and background content
  • Image digitally painted with individual brush strokes
  • Simulated brush strokes include individual bristles for realistic effect
  • See and choose from alternative layouts when applicable

Want to know more?

To learn more, feel free to take a look at our samples to see the kind of activity pages you can produce. You can also read some of our tutorials about how to use FotoMedley in your projects, such as printing your own coloring sheets, making a full book, or delving further into our image processing capabilities.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get 30% DISCOUNT CODE!